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Here is a quick run down of everything that's included!  I hope that you love, love love it!  It's really, really cute!


    • Kate Front and Back Covers
    • Monthly Calendar Dividers
    • Monthly Goal Sheet
    • Weekly Planner 2 Page Layout (undated)
    • Monthly Notes Sheet
    • Project Sheet
    • Jot Sheet


Kate Planner - Offers a sophisticated and feminine design that is lighthearted AND smart!

Monthly Calendar Dividers - Monthly calendar + notes list with pretty textured design on back

Monthly Goal Sheet - Begins each month. Three sections for you to write the specific categories YOU want to focus on. Why? Priorities change!

Weekly Planner - 2 Page - Highlighted columns for time, priority or reference; check box for the MAJOR satisfaction of checking off completed tasks & projects. Two primary columns for appointments, daily tasks, phone calls or misc daily reference notes.

Monthly Notes Sheet - Ends each month. Track the milestones you’ve accomplished at the end of each month, ongoing tasks that need to be moved into the next month, upcoming events, or journal an overview of the month.

Project Sheets - Awesome for larger projects requiring multiple categories and larger tasks. These sheets used in a methodical way make a big impact on organization. Use for business, volunteer and personal projects, employee, student or client info, phone calls by person or company, meeting note taking, tracking bugs/issues, etc.  Number your pages and organize your project sheets chronologically by project, category and date.

Jot Sheet - Super fun dotted line note pad! Print several copies to place in the front or back of your planner for quick access. Perfect for jotting down notes you don’t have time to immediately organize, sketching ideas while you brainstorm or scribbling on when you wake up in the middle of the night with a million dollar idea! <— YASSSS! :)

This is such a feminine, versatile and smart 2019 Planner!  As a busy professional, I can vouch for how easy it is to become more organized by using it! You'll especially find the project sheets great for documenting and referencing important details that would normally get lost in pages of notes and notebooks. With the numbered page system, you can keep your notes in order and find projects quickly.  "JOT" is fun to write down notes before compiling into your Project Sheets!  Print lots of "JOTS"!   You won't want to run out once you start using them!  The planner also has a standard 2-page Weekly layout, along with Monthly Calendars. (TIP: Print Monthly Calendars and place in one section, or as Monthly Calendars Dividers, as instructed).

Print a few months at a time or the entire year to have it ready to go!  Printing instructions are included. You can print on your home/office printer or have it professionally printed.

These planners are formatted as PDFs for a very high quality, sharp print.  Use bright white paper that is thicker than standard to reduce bleed through,  preferably around an 80 lb or so weight.  This will give you a professional look that has great texture and bright colors! 

For ease of printing, please follow the instructions.

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